06 Jun

Chairs And Their Starring Role…

Chairs……how boring!!!! Absolutely boring!!!!! That is what this subject was to me. Subject done!!!!! NEXT!!!!!!


I get it. It WAS true. Chairs are boring. …Why? They just are…… Why are they so boring? Chairs or seats (by the way, I have even googled what the difference is between a seat and a chair, google doesn’t know) are for sitting and doing their job.


Oh my gosh, even while typing this, it’s difficult to make this product exciting……or is it?


I have done a lot of research on this subject recently. It’s way more FUN and INTERESTING than you might think and may have experienced. Yes, chairs are for sitting, we’ve done it our whole lives in one form or the other. We’ve enjoyed some, hated others. Been annoyed by some chairs we’ve had to sit in, loved other chairs we’ve chosen.


One of my clients in a fine higher educational institution taught me recently that while a fabric seat is popular among the users, have you ever tried to keep the seat clean? It’s an ongoing mission as well as a major issue. The solution was to propose to the powers that be to change to a plastic finish that is both durable and easy to clean. He even did a PowerPoint presentation to support his vision. He got his way. He’s right (he will know who I’m referring to in this experience), it is a real problem. While providing seating in either an educational institution or in a public environment, keeping it clean is both important and absolute. An added bonus is the colours available. You can, without a doubt, add instant colour to the environment making it both vibrant and attractive. And fun.


While this could be a problem, there is ALWAYS a solution. Chairs of today have so many options. So many positions. So many frames. So many bases. So many fabrics, so many choices. Too many!!!…. Do you know something interesting I didn’t know myself until I went on my learning curve? A chair has a guarantee offered by its manufacturer. A trusted manufacturer guarantees its chair for no less than 5 years in the South African market. It’s for general ‘wear and tear’. Do you know what the definition for said ‘wear and tear’ is? General ‘wear and tear’ is nine hours a day, five days a week and 110-kilogram maximum weight. That’s it.


I have not been sitting in an inappropriate chair the last 10 – 15 years. Body sizes have changed (mine included). You do need to take this into account. For instance, one of the most popular chairs is what is commonly referred to as a banquet chair or ‘stacker’ chair. These chairs can be manufactured using 19mm tubular or square steel. PERFECT if you’re 70 or 80 kilograms, not so much if you’re more. Companies are selling these as standard chairs. They’re not. Times are difficult and price is important. So are your users. So is their safety. A 25mm thickness tube accommodates every body type and is designed to last. You’ve probably sat on them at functions, weddings and meetings. They are comfortable.


The point of our blogs is to inform and educate you, to let you know the differences. Not every patron/library user/student is the same. Accommodate them all. Take them all into account. Offer them the best experience possible, while staying true to your budget, your environment and your good taste…


There is a chair for every budget and environment. We are in the process of introducing new ranges, styles and colours to our range of chairs. There are explanations and dimensions for the different types on our website www.dongresswell.co.za Please go along and take a look under the category Chairs.