15 Aug

Library Furnishings…

I have been in and served the library world for 25 years. I have often found the changes both exciting and challenging. The different environments. The modern furniture. The colours. The technology.

From what used to be a book driven space to a technology center. What used to be a dull environment to a bright and exciting space enticing and inviting it’s users to be a part of it. To embrace it. To enjoy it.

In 1999 when we did our first move of a library it was the old University of Transkei. The librarian of the time was a wonderful and warm gentleman called Mr Ofori. He wanted to add some colour to his new library. He also wanted to make the library easy for the students to navigate. We all decided to change the colours of the end panels to represent the books on the shelves. Social Sciences one colour. Technology a different colour. Commerce another colour, and so on. A simple idea but such a massive difference.

You don’t have to make drastic changes in the library to create a different space. You only need to make small changes, add a bit of colour , add a bit of excitement. With today’s modern furniture and colours available, it really is easy and attainable.