06 Nov

Going digital

My last post spoke about the dramatic effect colour has in your library or information space. Libraries have changed in the last few years. Books to computers and hard chairs to comfortable soft seating.

Books have an incredibly important part to play in the modern world. Computers are as important and we need to display them in a comfortable and inviting way.

We are very proud to introduce our new DGoffice website offering modern seating, furniture and fittings to make your library pop. We are so proud of the site and we would love you to please pop along and take a look at www.dgoffice.co.za We promise you will be inspired!!!!

Please stay tuned to this space as there are more new products and ideas coming soon. We have always prided ourselves on being innovative in the library world and we don’t plan on changing.

Warm regards,

Alan Kewley

06 Nov

The Living Library

Hi Guys,

Have you noticed that libraries are always going in and out of style, popularity or relevance? Sometimes all three.

I have always found this absurd.

Libraries always have and always will be important to communities as a place of information. As a place of entertainment. As a place of safety. A place to become a better version of yourself. They offer so much more than a book on a shelf.

I have always believed that librarians are one of the most important people. They hand out information with a smile and only ask for a smile in return. They know stuff and are only too glad to be of help. They are VIP’s.

The internet is an amazing piece of technology. While I have learnt to love and depend on it, I am also very aware that I can’t trust everything on it “because it says so”. Librarians are a trusted source for factual information. They have a more important task nowadays than in the past. The future of the librarian is vital for an educated community. I only hope they get the recognition they deserve.

I have visited my share of libraries over my 21 years in the industry. I have seen every shape, form and function there is to offer and I would love to share some of my experiences with you from time to time. The good and the bad.

I have learnt that there are solutions as well as new trends and technologies to cater for every need and I will be sharing these with you as well.

Please join me on this journey…

Alan Kewley